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Thursday, December 1, 2011

In the Rembrandt Spotlight for December...

Anthony Bernasconi

Anthony Bernasconi is the newest member of the band, recruited in June of 2010 for his uncanny ability to mimic a variety of different artists, and for his unbridled stage charisma.  Having Anthony onstage is a guarantee that the party is in good hands as he is definitely "hands-on" when it comes to performing.  Anthony has been known to come down off the stage, to dance with and sing to guests of all ages.  Anthony has never met an audience he didn't love.  

For over a decade, Anthony has been a prominent figure in the DJ, Karaoke and Casino Entertainment world of the Inland Empire.  Now, fortunately for us, he lends his energy and expertise to the Ultimate Party Band: Rembrandt!

Check out Anthony's Photo Montage and you'll see...
He stands out in a crowd, but is never alone.

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